Meditation for Zesty Babes

Free, 20 minute calls • Every Wednesday in March


There is more than one way to meditate.

We know know that meditation has a myriad of benefits; clearer thinking, lower stress levels, more presence, better sleep...even better sex! So how come it's so hard to keep up a meditation practice?

Most meditation practices began as a way to navigate a masculine, monastic life of obedience, poverty and chastity. As a zesty babe with an active life, sitting for half an hour in total silence may just not be your jam.

It's time to view meditation through a more feminine lens, in a way that works for your body and your life.

Presence is the greatest resource at our disposal. More than simply the power of noticing, presence gives you the ability to face fears, release the past, hang in there and not run away during tough times, and receive all the beauty and joy available to you during good times.

The amount of power you feel in any situation is directly proportionate to the amount of presence you can cultivate.

These calls will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, centered and focused, and best of all, more present to all of the beauty and pleasure life has to offer.

They take place every Wednesday in March at 1pm ET, and after the call you will receive a playback to meditate with again and again.

This experience is 100% free. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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Meet your Hostess: Kitty Cavalier

Hi! I'm Kitty Cavalier, zesty babe and feminine sensuality expert. For most of my life I detested the practice of meditation, quite righteously. The singing bowls, the seriousness, the monotone voices…UGH! Nothing could make me want to throw on a shimmy belt and tap shoes faster. And I don’t even tap dance.

But you know what they say - when you resist something with that much force, it probably means there’s a diamond waiting to be revealed if you just loosen up the squeeze. 

When I found my own way with meditation through a practice that honored my need for pleasure, sensuality, embodiment and beauty; I completely changed my tune.

As a result of these techniques I am more calm, present, and GENUINELY happy than ever before in my life. I am able to hang in there and not run away during tough times, and able to be present enough to notice the beauty and grace in areas I've never noticed it before.

Plain and simple, presence is power. I can't wait to share these powerful techniques with you!

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